Message from the President

Welcome to Birkdale Seniors Community Centre.
Come in and see what is going on, we have a variety of activities to
keep you entertained and busy. Birkdale Seniors is a group of approximately three hundred and fifty men and women over the age of sixty.

The one thing that attracted my wife and I to Birkdale, was the friendly
people, who made us feel welcome and at home right from the start.
Browse through the website and see if there is something that may
interest you, or that you may want to participate in.

Remember you must be a Birkdale member to partake in the
luncheons, freebies and drop in activities. You can go on line and ask
about things of interest or drop in at Birkdale and check it out in

We look forward to answering your questions, showing you around
Birkdale, but most of all we look forward to you joining our centre.

Volunteers are the heart of the Birkdale Community centre. They are always welcome and appreciated.

Code of Conduct