Message from the President

I am not going to use this message to dwell on the trying months that we have just gone through. My only hope is that you have remained healthy during the Pandemic. The future will be more of the same until a vaccine is found to stop this Virus.

The Birkdale Centre is open however, there is very little going on. This is a city run building and we are bound to the city requirements, wearing masks, social distancing, etc. The majority of functions are on hold as social distancing can not be maintained. I would suggest that you refer to the Birkdale Seniors web site for updates, or call Karen (416-396-4069) if you do not have access to the site.

Your Executive Committee meet on a monthly basis. Last years Committee will be held over until we are able to once again have our elections.

The Committee is currently looking into the Christmas holiday season and we are looking into ways to give back to our community. The local food bank has been contacted. We are reaching out to other charitable organizations to see how we might be able to assist them in helping the less fortunate during the holiday season.

Birkdale Seniors have always been generous with their food bank donations even though we are unable to be together, we can let the community know that we are still willing to help out.

We will keep you updated on what is going on through this web site or you can get updates by calling the Centre.

In closing lets keep in mind at all times, wear your masks, keep social distancing, wash your hands and keep your hands away from your face. Things will get better. We just have to stay strong and stay safe.

Code of Conduct