Birkdale Banter

What does your Executive Committee do?

The first meeting in January begins the process of what happens this year. First of all, decisions are made on which luncheons will be held, which date and time; the decision on the caterer and entertainment.  Once this has been done, we have to determine the cost to each member and prizes to be given out.

We have to determine how many tickets will be sold and then make the tickets.

Now the fun begins, tables have to be set up, table cloths cutlery, napkins and decorations on the tables.  When members have finished their lunch, we now have to clean up.  This process requires the work of the executive Committee as well as volunteers.

There are also what we call “freebies”, these could be one freebie or all week freebies, which range from Hamburger week to one day per month of ice cream, fruit etc.  These freebies are provided at no cost to the members.  The freebie days or week require volunteers to help.

The above sounds easy, however, there is a lot of running around to do; buying food prizes and decorations are done by the executive committee members on their own time and the use of their vehicles.

To give you an idea of the costs:    Christmas Luncheon at the Mandarin:

Guarantee of 175 persons @$21.76 ea.           $3,561.90

(Includes tea/coffee, tax, tips, 5%rebate)

Prizes                                                                        $475.00

Entertainment                                                        $140.00

Total Cost                                                              $4,176.90

 Income 150 x $10.00                                           $1,500.00

Donations                                                                 $200.00

Total income                                                        $1,700.00

Profit/Loss                                                             $2,467.90

Christmas Freebies                                               $1,195.09

Added to these costs are the weekly and daily freebies provided during the year, as well as, the monies the Committee subsidize for all other luncheons.

What does your Executive Committee do? They provide all of the above at the same time keeping costs to a minimum.  How do we do this?  We sell items in the kitchen, we have a garage Sale, Christmas Bazaar, Book sales, Pool room and Craft sales just to name a few.

All accountability records are on file.

We want to take this opportunity to say a ‘very big Thank You to our many volunteers who make this facility run so well and make if such a fun place to be !!

Thank you to our Great Volunteers!            YOU ARE THE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS! Margaret (Convenor), Bill, Barbara, June, Barbara, Bernice, Jim, LiL, June, Jack, Pauline, Jane (Convenor), Rigmor, Janet, Dorothy, Elfriede, Rita, Jean, Lorraine, Bharati, Freda, Winnie, Shari, Ahloi, Clarissa, Etta, Joan, Phillomea, Adalia, Marion, Catherine, Esther, Fifi, Kathy, Sandra, Carole, Toy, Jim (Convenor), Ruby, Sheila, Don, (Convenor), Ron, Jean (Convenor), Lorraine, Doreen, Sharon, Betty, IsabeL, Joan, John, Helen, June, Norma, Karen, Patrick, Christine, Maria, Margaret, Joe (Convenor), Greer, Bob, Bill, Carol (Convenor), Neil, Fay, Barb, Lynda, Barb, Shari, Lydia, Lynetta, Gord & Helen (Convenor), Mitsuko, Gloria, Susan, Ellen, Amina, Jane (Convenor), Audrey, Thelma, Joanne, Joe (Convenor), Heather, Pam, Sue, Joey (Convenor), Edna, Charlie (Convenor), Heather,(Convenor), Ingrid Norberto, Paul, Laurie, Doug, Susan, Howard, Arlene, Shanta, Vivian, John, Sharon, Steve, Rica, Anne, Bob

Executive:  Betty, Bruce, Linda

If anyone is aware of a member who is ill or who has passed away please let us know. We have an active sunshine volunteer to send out cards.
Volunteers always welcome!

We are always in need of volunteers. Right now our biggest need is the kitchen!

Please consider volunteering and help to make Birkdale the best seniors