Birkdale Banter

We want to take this opportunity to say a ‘very big Thank You to our many volunteers who make this facility run so well and make if such a fun place to be !!

Thank you to our Great Volunteers!            YOU ARE THE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS!

Margaret (Convenor), Bill, Barbara, June, Barbara, Bernice, Jim, LiL, June, Jack, Pauline, Jane (Convenor), Rigmor, Janet, Dorothy, Elfriede, Rita, Jean, Lorraine, Bharati, Freda, Winnie, Shari, Ahloi, Clarissa, Etta, Joan, Phillomea, Adalia, Marion, Catherine, Esther, Fifi, Kathy, Sandra, Carole, Toy, Jim (Convenor), Ruby, Sheila, Don, (Convenor), Ron, Jean (Convenor), Lorraine, Doreen, Sharon, Betty, IsabeL, Joan, John, Helen, June, Norma, Karen, Patrick, Christine, Maria, Margaret, Joe (Convenor), Greer, Bob, Bill, Carol (Convenor), Neil, Verna, Fay, Barb, Lynda, Barb, Shari, Lydia, Lynetta, Gord & Helen (Convenor), Mitsuko, Gloria, Susan, Ellen, Amina, Jane (Convenor), Audrey, Thelma, Joanne, Joe (Convenor), Heather, Pam, Sue, Joey (Convenor), Edna, Charlie (Convenor), Heather,(Convenor), Ingrid Norberto, Paul, Laurie, Doug, Susan, Howard, Arlene, Shanta, Vivian, John, Sharon, Steve, Rica, Anne, Bob

Executive, Betty, Bruce Thea, Linda

If anyone is aware of a member who is ill or who has passed away please let us know. We have an active sunshine volunteer to send out cards.
Volunteers always welcome!

We are always in need of volunteers. Right now our biggest need is the kitchen!

Please consider volunteering and help to make Birkdale the best seniors