Welcome to Birkdale Seniors Community Centre

Message from the President

I hope this message finds you covid free and in good spirits.
I love this time of year when the warm weather is just around the corner and will stay with us for a few months.
The special thing this year is that we have vaccines to help protect us from the Covid Virus or make it less problematic if you test positive.
If you have not received your Covid Vaccination yet, please make an appointment as soon as possible. Here are a number of reasons why you have not gotten your first shot.
1) difficulty making the appointment
2) getting to the vaccination location
3) do not want the vaccine
Whatever the reason, know that it is important for you and those around you that you receive the vaccine.
Should you require assistance, call a Birkdale member or City311.
Be safe and stay strong and get the Vaccine.


Bruce Frew


Senior programs:

Come and join us in some of our drop-in programs.
For full Schedule of Drop In and Registered Programs, visit
 All Toronto Seniors, 60 years and over, wishing to participate in the drop in programs at Birkdale Community Centre will be required to purchase a Birkdale Senior Centre Membership Card.
Memberships are currently on Temporary hold.
Click here for information on how to join Birkdale Seniors

Find Us

Birkdale Community Centre

Address: 1299 Ellesmere Rd
Toronto, ON M1P 2Y2
Phone: 416-396-4069
District: Scarborough
Intersection: Ellesmere Rd & Birkdale Rd

How to find us: We are located behind the Squirrel’s Nest Daycare Centre on the south side of Ellesmere between Midland and Brimley.

Contact Us

Memberships are temporarily on Hold till further notice.

If you wish more information or have questions, please email us with the following form.